Racist-White-Feminist-Supremacist Melanie Misanchuk, A University Of Waterloo Employee

University of Waterloo’s Racist-White-Feminist-Supremacist, Melanie Misanchuk aided her also racist neighbour and pal, Tristan “Inflation” Curtis, to attack a black man for reckless eyeballing of a white. However, Inflation Curtis lost his attack, got his monkey a55 kicked and used his babies as a shield throughout his attack. Misanchuk, the racist prowling Trex. #blacklivesmatter #bipoc #feministstrong Nik, Guelph’s Racist Liberals who helped this f-u-c-ken terrorist Inflation Curtis carry out his acts of racism and terror against a innocent black man: Julia Kitras, Stephen Kitras, Sophie Kitras, Lucy Kitras, Tristan Curtis, Miranda Dawn Hubbard, Melanie Misanchuk, Deborah Hastings, Jennifer Mitchell, Kenneth Chase, Sandy Hamilton, Scott Haynes, Emma Howarth-Withers, Matthew Forbes, No Guff Auto, Kitras Art Glass, University of Waterloo, Stephen Yates, Bobby Shaftoe, Bobby Shaftoe Painting Guelph, Community Living Guelph, Royal City Roller Derby, Meredith Brown, Brita Akerstream, Vinnie’s Mr Fix it, Vinnie Klimkosz, Dakota Plante, Kelly Seagram, Meredith Brown, Matthew’s Barber Shop, Matthew Forbes Guelph, Common Cafe, Golden Bus Guelph, Scott Haynes Guelph, Deborah Hastings, Haydn Watters

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