Tina Cluines- Ross — Mentally Unstable Dirt Squirrel

Tina Cluines- Ross — Mentally Unstable Dirt Squirrel. Tina is the grossest, most manipulative, self centered, easy woman in the peace. She has a huge crystal habit which she will do anything to support. Literally she will use a guy for all he has if she can. she is a total nymphomaniac and will have sex with two or three different guys a day if she feels like it. She will f**k suk lick or split for her crystal and booze addiction. She has serious diagnosed and untreated mental issues which are exponentially enhanced by her constant psycosiss due to drug use sleep deprivation. Sometimes she will go 6-7 days no sleep. She will steal anything she deems she wants including other women’s men. She has had several drd’s and no shame. She knows what she’s doing but plays dumb or cries for sympathy. She dosen’t keep friends for long and needs to be institutionalized both mentally and criminally. Warning steer clear of this MUTT !!!!!!!!!

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