The Devil In Sheep’s Clothing

Nik, this dirty ginger has many enemies and needs to be put on blast its long over due. He claims to be a Christian but he destroys every woman he comes into contact with. He owes thousands of dollars to different women and he lies so much he can’t keep track. He has cheated on every single women he has ever been with and is a walking DRD. he seems to take special interest in underage girls and stares at them like they are prey it’s disgusting. he is a sick sick person who has big time mommy issues. I feel bad for any women that date him theyll never trust his sorry a55 and I bet none of his exes have anything good to say about him. HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS from this sick pig. Like they say gingers have no soul and this guy ain’t no Christian hes the devil in sheeps clothing.

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Benjamin Jamie — CHEATER

Shannon Mcanulty — Huge slut With Drds