Susie And Jamie Bopsy The Bopsy Twins

Well here is two twins same peas in a pod claim they r besty friends but susie tried to arrange a hooked up with jamiees man and one of her friends susie likes drama and games she tried gettin on jaime’s relative and Jamie allowed it even through susie is a married woman she had crushes on married men who are with her family and her twins family Jamie is one gullible person let’s heran cheat non stop n stays with him he has cheated with susie friend on pof tinder when hes out town hes on here to he has stds and jaimee so desperate she allows that man to b in her kids lifes and so on jamie will defend the pig she is besty with n cover lies up to Jamie is nievee3 and brain dead to let a walkin std like devon do what he does to her and the kids susie is a lazy fat bitch who told family she contacted a DRD infection they made for one anter make men pay their ways too karma has hit them now

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