Sami Brady — Thief,Lyer,Chicken Sh1t

Sami Brady — Thief Lyer Chicken Sh1t.Ollie pops truck stop owner,,shut down and bounced all our paycheks with no notice…changer her name several times,,,sandi letendre,sandi nelson,beating heart,now shes sami brady!she posted on here a pic and un truthful gossip saying me and my husband stole from her!LiesLies Lies!, shes a lying backstabbing scam artist!she will screw you over every chance she gets,,,she goes into business with her kids and screws the reps over,pulling out before she gets nailed,,shes an absolute horrible person,and everyone needs to be aware,,shes posting on red deer sites for dump hauls,grocery shopping etc,,,dont let your family get suked in by her,,she plays the pity card,,,she lives and dresses like a dirty pig,shes abusive to her grandchildren living with her..

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