Sadie Grey – Lies About Being Pregnant To Get Her Bfs Back

This stank b1tch is an alcoholic liar . She exaggerates everything . She likes to get mad at her recent ex for cheating on her with his pregnant bbm when she basically did the same thing , letting her ex smash her when she was pregnant with her bbds baby . She loves to be the other woman when she’s not the one getting cheated on . She recently posted that she was pregnant and then deleted it multiple times lol probably just to get her ex back because I’ve seen videos of her drinking . I wonder who watches her kid lol sometimes she drinks around her , taking shots around her smfh . But her moms the same way, just an alcoholic too bc sadie always posts about her lol . Sadie takes pride in taking everyone’s boyfriends lmao . Also she always posts only one of her kids like wtf everyone thought you had 2 lmfao . She posted about how her ex beat her up but then she was chilling w him a few days later lol funny how things work . Go take care of ur kid sadie

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