Gloria Humo — Can’t Turn A H0e Into A House Wife

Wichita beware this b1tch is a straight thief . stole 32 grand from me in cash ya i know i look like a idiot lol how can u clame u love me if u robbed me remember how i always gave u my last i put u and your kids first lets also talk about all the times u cheated on me with your so called friends scandless as fuk ill forget but never forgive btw is your son even real??? Or did u make that lie up to just like u lied about being pregnant by me several times…

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Crystal Pena — Aka Lina Pena Knowingly Gave Me Drd Liar, Cheater, Drug Attic. Horrible Wretched Little Girl.

Sierra Broker is an Animal Abuser, Disease Infested Thief