Brook Lockey – Heyyyyyy Says This Horse

Psycho! Used to live with her AND her pathetic baby daddy. Bish is mental, shouldn’t have custody of her kids. One time Austin threatened to leave her I watched her legit toss herself down the stairs claiming she was going to kill herself.. Get help and stop having kids. They don’t need to grow up to be taught that suicide is a f*cking attention grabbing scheme. Used all of her roommates for money, then tried kicking us all out illegally so her brother and her Dad (who she tried to tell me had molested her?) could move into our rooms instead. During the moving process she took a pickaxe to one girl’s belongings just because she felt like it. Shortly after that she drove Austin away from his siblings and father who loved him lots! Watch out for this one and her serious mental issues Army, this horse loves to kick!

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