Jeremy Crew Pretty Online Con Man On The Loose

Watch out for this pretty boy. He preys on women through social media. He will make you feel beautiful and special until he presents his con to take your money. He can’t spell and can’t keep the women he is talking to straight. I found two other women he has done the same thing to. So his scam is about work. Says he has to go another country for work and gets stuck there with his things stolen. Then says he needs money for an account to open to get a contract. If he doesn’t come up with the money he will be sued along with you because he lists you as his beneficiary. He provided false documents full of spelling mistakes and asks for a copy of your identification. When you don’t come up with the money he becomes emotionally abusive and belittles you with insults and a big guilt trip. He won’t video call. I don’t believe this is his real picture. Putting him on blast so anyone who searches his name will get the heads up.

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