Tiffany Thablkft — Meth Head Cradle Robbing H0e

Tiffany Thablkft — Meth Head Cradle Robbing H0e. I met this girl on fb dating she seemed amazing getting to know her more and more after every date was just wow first off she has a bf in lockup who let’s her fool around while he’s locked up lol she told me this way later but not before she invites her gang banging asap friend over to chill they end up leaving me in the room for awhile I go knock on the bathroom door to see what’s up she’s having a whole a55 party in there with her lesbian gang banger friend lol turns out they were smoking meth and talking up a storm meanwhile her kids are sleeping just inches away from the bathroom after that night I was gonna stop talking to her till she gave me some sob story about how she’s been going thru shit and she doesn’t always smoke blahblah I believed her cause she held down a job and had meat on her bones lol next tho it’s hilarious I’m coming to hangout again waiting on her Uber that she was gonna call turns out she didn’t call one I said.”wow pff” literally all I said she then goes on a rant about respect and how she didn’t even ask. Me to come over yadada makes a few post tryna trash me but it’s just pathetic first off she starts off her post by saying young guys are a waste of time like who tf told you to be dating guys ten years younger lmao her friends join in saying simple things like tell em this or tell em that and she replies with big ass complaints talking oh he’s looking for a mommy but I ain’t tryna be a mom lmao I wish she could she herself from 3rd person like hey you do realize your b1tching cause yuu dated a kid right lmfao got damn cradle robbing hoes anyway here’s the b1tches face she goes by tha blkftfifany or some sh1t on fb be sure to dangle a meth bag and McDonald’s infront of her she’s loves that sh1t one last thing this h0es bf who’s locked up is the brother of her kids baby daddy lol try follow that this girl has no diggnity or brains she’s also a group home worker Canada employs methheads to work with troubled youth.

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