Taylan Knudsen — Drug Dealing Rapper

Taylan Knudsen — Drug Dealing Rapper. Meet Taylan Knudsen again This guy is the biggest loser Edmonton and any other city has to offer idk how he gets girls that are so out of his league probs his sob stories about what a trash life he had?? Ok his parents are successful and his siblings are successful and then there’s him choose to be a pos and living getto. I was one of his fuk buddies for years until his gf at the time came to me and told me everything he just gets drunk and fuks u if that’s what u can even call it……… He drove 2 hrs to have sex with me and came in Les sthen 5 minutes He cheats on every girl he dates and calls them crazy and then tries to get back with them He’s even used his dead mom as bait for girls into talking to him and a excuse to be an alcoholic drug addict lololol He has a crater face from doing meth and crack in highschool and has been in and out of jail for crack and weed He took his cousin to prom and tried to fuk her he’s such a fuking creep and he tried to rape a girl at a party!! if ur drinking with this guy he will try to rape u no cap He keeps it in the family obvs he’s probs all women are nothing but whores to this guy all he does is whine and complain about his life and does nothing to change it. His ex posted him on a tinder group to swipe left and posted all his cheating on her even one with a married women who he paid Nothing but a washes up so called musician taylanstunes city tk new city whatever the fuk he goes by now as long as ur I’d says ur 18 ur on this guys radar.

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