Rebecca Crouse — Psycho Delusional Narcissist With DRD

Here we have Miss Edmonton 2018. A title Rebecca Crouse can’t seem to let go of. Along with being DRD positive for years, this horse faced valley girl is your typical Edmonton bimbo who fills each sentence with “like” and speaks in such cringey grammar it’s hard to believe she teaches kids. Maybe that’s why kids these days are so poorly educated and lazy. Women like her allowed to teach in our system. This ditz is so full herself it makes you want to b1tchslap her. She’s incredibly annoying when she talks and she acts out when she doesn’t get her way. She used to frequent alot of nightclubs on Whyte Ave and sleep with random club trash which is where she caught her genital drd, so if you disagree with her or call her out on any of her stupidity she will resort to saying she has these connections and will end your life. LMFAO. Rebecca is so beat up, physically and emotionally it’s wonder why she hasn’t ended her own life yet. She’s constantly slandering other women she’s jealous of on facebook posts and starting silly internet wars just for attention. If Rebecca isn’t the center of attention all the time she will cause a scene in any way she can to get that attention. Her damaging behaviour has a reputation around Edmonton from throwing tantrums in public, starting fights with other women at nightclubs, and getting so drunk she once urinated behind a park tree on a busy Whyte Ave in the middle of summer. Class act this one. She is an absolute total slug behind all that makeup which is why she layers it on and contours the fuk out of it because without she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker on speed. Hard to believe Edmonton voted her in 2018, but I mean hey. It’s Edmonton right? Not hard to look good in a city full of pigs and drug addicts. Whatever crown she wishes to carry to make her accept herself is more pathetic than her adolescent behaviour. This woman is a total trainwreck and if you stand up to her in any way, prepare for a bombardment of threats and harassment. And it goes without saying, if you want to hit it, know you’re risking your sexual health from her drd. Rebecca Crouse everyone.

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