Orleane Deschamps — Native A** Orleane.. Tinder AGAIN?

Orleane Deschamps — Native A** Orleane.. Tinder AGAIN?I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all, lower you voice lol. If I hadn’t known this b1tch had birthed a child I would have thought she was a straight up man. Besides her manish looks and trans vibes, Orleane is an awful person! Besides her “friends” let’s be CLEAR sisters and her friend alisha Mercedes everyone HATES this girl. Orleane, your stuck up and such a jealous b1Tch. your bf cheats any chance he can get (trust me lol) . Your relationship is so toxic you’ll be on tinder any chance you get (Jason check her followers before she deletes them all lol). Cheats on her poor bf anytime they fight constantly blaming things on “emotional trauma” GIRL you don’t drive and live in his house with his MOMMY, get a fuKing life… but oh guys..”I’m GoInG tO ScHool” lmAo b** h shut up and keep relying on your baby daddy’s MOM to keep frounting your rent.

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