Navi Jauthal — Desperate Psycho Stalker

Navi Jauthal. Super Instagram creeper will stalk your man and when she doesn’t get her way or gets rejected she will hara55 and threaten to post them on here or vandalize property. This girl is no stranger to rejection and her mental illness is suffering because of it. Her outrageous behaviour online is more than enough evidence to convince any doctor to put her in a padded room. She got so butt hurt over a guy not returning her phone calls she literally showed up to his house at one in the morning banging on the door demanding to speak to him. She is severely insecure and will call men vile names and threaten to ruin their lives if they don’t pay attention to her. This girl is a menace to society. It is well known that she is living with drd from an encounter she had in 2015 and since then has had a few other encounters unprotected. She will tell you that this is a blatant lie but unless you see the outbreaks for yourself like I have she will try to convince you otherwise. We used to be really good friends until this dumpster fire tried to hit on my man behind my back. I have watched her go into severe mood swings depression and threatening suicide more than a dozen times during our friendship. Her mental instability is psychotic and dangerous. If a guy sleeps with her and doesn’t talk to her again she will threaten to go to the police with accusations of rape or say that she is pregnant to keep the guy in her life. Her self-esteem is so poor she feels the need to bring others down when she can’t get her way. She is a crazy two-faced brat with a black heart who thrives on online drama and bullying. She will start up fake profiles using other women’s photos to lure guys in and start drama with them. I have watched her do it on Tinder on Bumble and on plenty of fish. At first I thought it was funny and the reactions some of these men gave her more than enough to put them on blast. But as she became increasingly disturbed and wild with these posts things got way too out of control. She would post guys on this site making up wild stories about them simply because they told her they were not interested or didn’t get an answer back from them. She’s been involved in several Facebook bashing groups for women where she will take screenshots of guys photos their phone numbers or whatever personal information she can scrounge up and post them on sites like Grindr or stalk them from fake text now numbers to creep them out. The amount of men she has posted on this site simply for ignoring or rejecting her is uncanny. And these are the guys she has never even met. She just cannot handle rejection because she’s an overweight smelly cyberbully paki with mental disorders. Be warned and stay far away from this one.

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