Kyra Belle Jarema — Aka Smurf

Kyra Belle Jarema — Aka Smurf. This disgusting meth and heroin junkie has the most disgusting. the smelliest, most unclean pu55y there is. She goes by Kyra Bella on facebook.. She sweats so much she literally REEEKS. It’s no wonder Kao cheats on her She’s a criminal who thinks she’s a tough gangster because she stabbed her old bestfriend in the neck when she was kicking her out of a house because kyra was high on heroin and stealing from EVERYONE. but really she’s a 5 foot 2 std riddled disgusting gremlin whose close to losing her teeth. LOL stay far away from this disaster!!! Her mom smokes crack and her dads always drunk it’s no wonder she ended up like this. Absolute garbage !

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