Kristyn Soloway DO NOT TRUST ! !

Kristyn Soloway DO NOT TRUST ! ! This gal, also known as Kassidy Evans, Candace Wilson, and a few others thas have been forgotten, is a very toxic person and never pulls throuigh on promises. Basicvally, she was or is a wanna be floozy who doesn’t meet anyone but rather lies to them to get money. I’ve recently lost $50 to here and her game but I do know others that have also been dooped by this sk@nk. She LOVES to be high and laze around in her dirty a55 apartment and scam many others out there. Frankly, I think she should be brought out into the open and no others should fall for her BS lies and stories. Cant suck d1ck,, pu55y stinks honestly but she is a charmer ! She used to be found on Leolist under Jasmine something something but has since ventured elsewhere to get her next targets. She will offer “sexy pics and vids” before meeting but heads up fellas, NEVER will meet you. My buddy actually met her a couple times and that is where this info is coming from. STAY AWAY

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