Kao Meropoulis — slutty Smurfy And Her Sidekick

Kao Meropoulis slutty Smurfy And Her Sidekick. This is Kao Meropoulis and Kyra Jarema they’re two of edmonton’s biggest meth and heroin addicts it’s truly sad and disgusting. Kao also goes by Forrest and he talks so much smack about Kyra despite them being in a relationship he was talking about her down there and said “She secretes cream of wheat” I’m sure we can all imagine how disgusting that is…he’s also sleeping with other girls.. Hey Kyra you should see his saved snapchat’s Kyra is a junkie criminal, stabbed some girl in the neck and had trafficking charges with her lover Kao now. Edmonton North side TRASH LOL. A power couple. Did I mention? They posted themselves on pornhub. He’s like 26 and she’s 19.Kyra is also a paperwork rat too, Careful Kao keep chilling with a rat what does that say about you?????

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