Helen Yvonne

Helen Yvonne. This is a walking drd and are inlove with every guys and never leaves them alone talks all kinds of sh!t but will not link anybody and likes to try and fuk girls then crys about it after says she got [email protected] but sleeping with someone the next day and sleeps with everyones boyfriend she looks like a guy she slept with doesnt know what lashes are she trys to sleep with everyone says shes not a whore but crys for 5 guys to [email protected] her shes a pig that likes to live in her own trash she flexs 400$ she says she works hard labour but she doesnt heres the T on one of her guys her pussy was so gross he [email protected] her in the b#tt she gives everyone scabbies she begged every guy to [email protected] her has an ugl7 @55 body her teeth are yellow shes literally delusional and she crys 24/7 about EVERYTHING when she moves she leaves all ger trash for someone else to clean.

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