Gord Blake

Gord Blake.This guy is a complete piece of sh1t. Back in the day he use to cheat on his wife all the time(iv literally witnessed this), when he wasn’t beating her. On top of that she was dying of cancer. When his wife finally did pass away her urn wasn’t able to be placed with her late niece because her family hated him so much they didn’t want him to go there to visit. With this being the most terrible, he also has a bunch of kids with different mothers, they all seem to have their own stories about his alcoholic and abusive habits. Every body seems to know who this guy really is except himself. Most recently he picked a fight with one of his sons because he called him on his bullshit, then hid behind the police after he got his ass kicked, while continuing to pick another fight. It didn’t stop there he continued to talk sh1t to everyone about his son to cover up the fact that he made himself look like a b1tch. He continues to cause problems for himself and other people but no matter what he always figures out a way to play the victim.

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