David Hood And His Familial Entourage Of Psychopathic Hypocrites And Liars

David Hood And His Familial Entourage Of Psychopathic Hypocrites And Liars. Where do I begin with this f***er. He’s a dead beat 25 year old living at home with his mommy, and has everything handed to him while he sits on his a55 playing computer games all day. He has never had a job in his life, nor has he completed high-school; he doesn’t even have his learners licence. He talks like he’s slim thick, even though the only thing he eats is from a fast food container. His house is an absolute dump with empty containers everywhere with his nieces and nephews toys flung into the Chaos. He blames all his shortcomings on his upbringing without actually putting in effort to get help. He does have mental health issues but refuses to take his medication, the only medication he prefers to take are dope and opiates. He is an extremely toxic individual; the absolute worst person and biggest hypocrite I have ever had the displeasure of meeting, and I’ve met some very sketchy characters in my time. He used to have a lot of friends even a girlfriend at one point, but once they saw he was a wolf in sheep’s clothes, they scrammed. He likes to humiliate people and sabotage their relationships by divulging embarrassing information for the world to hear. One of his friends cut him out of her life for that very reason. He in turn would invite her boyfriend over to smoke dope with them everyday to neglect his responsibilities, which involved a kid, a job, rent, etc. Once all contact was cut off from him, David made a whole rumour that his friends girlfriend killed her cat by strangling it and drowning it in the bathtub. He then proceeded to call the police for a wellness check on her boyfriend. Not only that, but they blackmailed her saying if they didn’t see her boyfriend they would call CPS on her; which they did anyways making a false malicious report. His girlfriend was A naive and vulnerable 20 year old, moving in with him to escape an abusive situation at home. He would fill her head with crap and lie to her about her friends and family. They kept her as their personal slave for months as she cooked, cleaned, and acted as a free babysitter to his nephew. She couldn’t have her personal space or privacy. He would pressure her into doing things, even sexually, but every time he would get called out he would weasel his way out of the situation by say she “seemed happy,” or I waited to ask again.” His waiting being 5 minutes, then continue to letter her until she gave in. When the virus came along they exploited the situation as a ways to isolate her further. She eventually left him when she got a job and the family essentially kicked her out because of it. There was a whole drama that ensued and she tried to kill herself because she couldn’t handle it. He blamed her friend and went to her apartment to throw rocks and shout obscenities at her, disrupting the peace at 2:00 in the morning. The day after he somehow got into her apartment complex and waited for her for hours. Something she didn’t know until his stepbrother snitched. Her friend ended up calling the cops on him, and not wanting to be accountable for his behaviour and actions called the cops on her for defamation. His reason being she called his mom a druggie 6 months prior. His ex girlfriend had to file an EPO against him because she was still receiving harassing voicemails still trying to control her and to stop “talking sh1t,” about him. He also believed they are still in a relationship despite him being blocked everywhere and them not talking for months. He even got his 11 year old niece to spy on his ex. Here’s the thing about David, If and when he is called out on his confabulations, and the truth to his lies does come out, the offender is “talking sh1t”. When his ex finally got the EPO and had the Courage to get her stuff, they wouldn’t allow it, accusing her of stealing a credit card and spending $400 with “evidence”. This was all proven to be false, as the police would have dealt with her a long time ago. Not o my that but they harassed her friends saying they would call CPS once again. The police had to get involved and they got her stuff, but it was evident a lot of his ex girlfriends items were stolen worth $10,000. One of these items was jewelry form her grandmothers jewelry box. This wasn’t just any jewelry, they stole family heirlooms from her which she can never replace. This left her devastated. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he has already violated the order against him by spoofing his ex’s number to prank call her. David likes to pose as a nice guy, and good guy that can do no wrong, but he commits immoral and criminal acts. He adapts this behaviour from his mother who fuels his delusions and fantasies of grandeur. To make things clear, she is a druggie, as she has a stash of opiates way past the legal limit. She also likes to bully girls a quarter of her age saying their “off their meds.” Like a teenager. The reason I’m posting to this site is because she likes to use this gossips site and is more than likely to see this like the petty pathetic b1tch she is. His stepbrother is a snitch and will manipulate and warp things to start conflicts between people. He also likes to shoot cats with BB guns and blow up apartments with fireworks. The thing they all have in common is that they like to lie, they lie even if the truth sounded better. They like to claim everyone is talking shot, but they are the biggest sh1t talkers of them all.

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