Darlena Marie — Beware Of Darlena Marie

Darlena Marie — Beware Of Darlena Marie. This is Darlena Marie. a well known hussy who works the backpages and leolist outside of her 9-5 job at west edmonton mall as an “assistant” to the owners. Basically means she is their p4p who gets pampered with fancy clothes and fake boobs in exchange for her “services” anytime they want. Who do you think helped bankroll her small business Beauty on the DL? This hoebag comes from texas and has been hustling her fake ass around edmonton for quite some time trying to be 29 again. Shes 40 with three kids and on her second divorce already. Dont be fooled by this ho…shes all bought and paid for and used up. Acts like shes a hard working individual gal whos got it all together but in reality sponges off her alimony from her first marriage and funds by her sugar daddies. I wonder what her kids think of their mom. Trash.

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