Connie Olson — Dirty Old Cougar Connie Olson

Connie Olson — Dirty Old Cougar Connie Olson. Nik, this is Connie Olson from Edmonton. When I first met her, she was a real independent go-getter. She had a good job working HR before starting a downhill slide. She got fired, but bounced back and found another job soon. Eventually, they fired her too. Connie started sniffing pepsi with her son and daughter, and even tried being a 40+ year old floozy, posting ads online under the alias ‘Jessie’. Because of her decisions and drug use, Connie gave me an infection that won’t go away. This post is to serve as a wake up call to Connie to get her life back on track. I did and you can too. There are people who care about you, but you’ve become a monster.

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