Chris (Kris) James Galpin LUNATIC STALKER ALERT

Chris (Kris) James Galpin LUNATIC STALKER ALERT. This guy is already all over the dirty but I want to further the info on him, everything about him is true. He is bat shit crazy. He goes after single moms and tries to scare them into listening to him or he gets his friend in cfs to come after you, he doesn’t have a friend in cfs. And even if he did he would need actual proof in order to do anything. This guy is seriously not safe, he’ll make death threats if he doesn’t like what your doing. He also give out you personal information to other people after you’ve blocked him in order to keep stalking you. He has a friend who owns the dispensary called toras private reserve who will help him stalk woman! This guy is not safe to have around yourself and especially your children! All woman, all single moms be warned off this guy. He is willing to post pictures of your kids to sex sites even. He will say he has a daughter but if your smart you realize it’s a manipulation and the reason he only gets to see her 2 times a year is because of his crazy behaviour. DO NOT LET THIS GUY INTO YOUR LIFE! He is so messed in the head that even if your dealing with a sick child and you ignore his call he’ll just flip out and go crazy on you. Seriously STAY AWAY FROM CHRIS JAMES GALPIN THE INSANE STALKER LOSER!!!!

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