Carmen Smith — Dirty Fake Hoodrat Alert!

This chick attached her self to me like a parasite and sucked the life from me. No matter how many times I pushed away she just kept persisting and manipulating. I guess it’d my own fault for giving in but live and learn. Didn’t work the whole time we were together. No contribution to the relationship except a stretched out old pu$$y that everyone gets a turn on. I found this out this chick had ads on floozy sites previously. Smokes pint. rips ppl off and loves to play the victim. Anyways I support this hoodrat for 2 years until she got some cerb money stacked up and didn’t tell me about then runs off with her “soulmate”.Constantly running back to her ex who she likes to brag to everyone is 81who she ran off to bf with now that she had some bank and didn’t need me anymore. Now he was fucking her friend Mandy who everyone knows has herpes and doesn’t like to tell anyone about it so im sure he’s carrying it. Steer clear of this skidmark lowlife trainwreck or you’ll be walking away with more than you bargained for. I wasted too much time already. Don’t make the same mistake

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