Brittney Jenna Delynn — The Manipulative Bipolar Mentally Internet Gangster

Meet Brittney King aka the most toxic b1tch in edmonton, this girl has 3 baby daddy’s and act like shes entitled to talk about other peoples life, she runs away from her problems like a child, she acts all gangster around her friends but scared to handle sh1t on her own, she’s scared to give out her address because it seems like a lot of people want her head smashed in, if you know this girl be careful around her she will switch up on you in a matter of seconds if your not her yes-man she acts all friendly to you just so she can use you for money and if you piss her off your never getting your money back, she acts like the innocent person but in reality shes the issue. this girl lives off welfare and acts like shes the sh1t, she cares what her friends say because shes small minded she tell people to grow up but she acts like a 14 year old child, if any of the brothers want this girl she likes black guys but shes also a racist so hitting it wont be a problem just bring w33d and liquor and jackpot the legs open. if you believe anything out this slur mouth its all lies and maple leaf story’s trust me shes a psychopath.

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