Amanda Fedor. Family Destroyer. Homewrecker. Ray Dumais, Stupid Af Loser.

Where do I start with this woman. She is a homewrecker to start. Figured a person that worked for the government would know better. But no. She got called out for messing around with a married man. Then the married mans wife was told the truth by a stranger on a phone call! Then Amanda lied through her teeth to the married woman face. Saying “I wouldn’t do something that because im too busy taking care of my special needs kid.” Yeah bulls*it Amanda. You lied. Don’t use your special needs t*rd af kid to hide your bulls*it girl. We all know what you decided to do with a married man. His name is Ray Dumais by the way. Its not slander/libel if its the truth you clowns. Ray. You loved up on your wife when you messed with Amanda. You both are dirt that wrecked a family. Hope you both rot you dirty bi*ches. F*ck your reputations. You both caused so much damage. Eat my a$$ both of you. Who cares about your reputations as government workers. Both of you should have known better. I hope this affects you both with your disgusting choices. Ray. You are dirt for picking those kids over your own. I feel so sad for your wife. Hope she divorces your a** and gets her share to recover from 30ish years from your abuse. Your wife was a good person but you painted her as a villain to cover the fact that you were cheating. Your now hopefully ex wife should get outta your crap and flourish with her friends and family. Good luck having your children respect you. Amanda, and Ray. I hope karma comes after you. Karmas gonna cut you down.

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