Alissa Mayhew

Alissa Mayhew. This [email protected] runs her mouth and then hides behind her mom and sleeps with EVERYONEEEE if shes been around your bf she slept with him her pu55y smells so bad to the point someone told her and she didnt go to the docs and she brings guys home every night and never the same one and bring [email protected] and [email protected] around kids and she doesnt brush her tounge and she suks all these d1cks but never changes her ring and shes a [email protected] no good for nothing [email protected] that wont link anyone kicks one guy out to sleep with another one in one night is obsessed with her ex that doesnt want her she talks so much sh1t about her bf and emily she has no respect for anyone not even her self shes a pepsi head and always wants to k!ll her self over her bf who cheats onn her.

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