Rene Rayes — A Cheater And A Floozy

Rene Rayes was already submitted on here but the individual who posted her spelled her name wrong so I wanted to give her a new submission with the correct spelling and shed a little light on who Rene is. Rene Rayes is a FLOOZY in Michigan who sleeps with nasty men for money in and out of state. After reading the article I was not surprised whatsoever that she was being called out for her nasty ways. She loves to harass people because she’s a jealous, insecure, vapid, shallow trash bag with obvious body dysmorphia that she projects onto others. She cheats on every man she’s ever been with and is a known sack chaser. She brags about once being in Sports Illustrated (Relax loser you weren’t a cover girl) and submits herself to the Chive because she lives off validation from disgusting creepy men online and from the Instagram followers the she pays for. Embarrassing. Gold digger, evil and shallow are just a few words to describe her which is why she doesn’t have any friends or a man. She’s hung up on her ex Fiaz because he left her for someone 10x hotter who is actually a good person. FYI Rene, everyone thinks you’re a joke and the entire salon laughs at your half naked photos you post online for attention. Not everything in life is about plastic surgery, looks or material things Rene. You’ve got pay for play floozy written all over you and nothing to show for it.

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