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Mimi Lulgjuraj Mimi Lang mimzystagram I know you are jealous of me, but nobody gives af about you because you’re super old and ugly. You’ve slept with Richard Rollins and blackmailed him, and got him posted on this website you should be ashamed. Your kids do not look up to you as a role model, and you spend all your time trying to find a husband to take care of you because you think that’s what life is about. Men don’t look for women to save them especially you because you’re really ugly and old and had 3 kids because you’re washed up and expired now honey. Your whole life revolves around finding a photographer to take photos of you to photo shop…any girl can do that and there are 1 million and 1 dumb Instagram “models” like you. Any girl can be an Instagram model if they just take their clothes off Real men like real women they can build a life with, not go broke because of. Honey you are nothing but a liability pretending to be an asset. Word from the wise, you are depreciating by the minute, and you should really consider more plastic surgery to make yourself not so ugly and botched and some therapy

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