Mimi Lulgjuraj — Is SooOo Fake

Hey Mimi, you’re a JOKE. Stop wearing fake diamond Cartier bracelets. My god you’re embarrassing as F. You live in a sh1t hole apartment but have over a $100,000 in fake bracelets on your wrist?! LMFAO. Stop pretending to be something you’re not. You aren’t classy. You aren’t rich. Your vocabulary isn’t as great as you think it is. You’re an idiot who went to a community college and got a dumb degree and it took you until you were 37 to get it! No intelligent or dignified man would ever date YOU. Stop pretending to be a doctor. Stop posting old photos from the two weeks you worked at a hospital. You suk 80 year old ding dong for bags and chase ugly old married men!! You’re ugly as f in person without those filters and photoshop. Seriously you look nothing like the photos you post. Lmfaooo. Oh and stop posting all your old friends on here because you’re jealous of them. Here’s some advice little Ms. Garbage can stop posting photoshopped photos. You think people don’t know you photoshop every single photo? They do. You’re the laughing stock of Rochester and have the worst reputation “crazzzzyyy Mimi”.

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