Melanie Fillmore — Any Time Or Place

Here is Melanie Fillmore with her side kick, Erica Tymes. Here is Melanie’s list (aka Melservices) Melanie cheats CONSTANTLY on her “man” Josh. Melanie Will invite random men over while Josh is asleep in the basement- if he wakes up, have no fear- with the help of her bestie Erica, you will still be serviced. Not only does mel services have random men in her home and bed- he bestie Erica Will tell Josh that the men he finds in his hone are actually with her. Erica will then take the man to her home where she offers up her own bed and home for melservices to service random men in it. Yummy! The Erica will change up her voice (try to sound urban) in attempts to contact that mans significant other to frighten her. Erica will find that no matter her size, she is not scary. She, like her friend, is an overweight , drunken side chick. If Josh is awake when a man wants to be serviced, melservices will meet the men up the road from her home. She will service men in the woods, between her neighbors homes, the side of the road- she’ll attempt their vehicles but she has consumed too many donuts and beer- so she doesn’t fit. Beware- Melanie seems to be ok being the side chick, she finds herself in this secret role often, but she will start to get crazy. She (with the help of Erica) will put underwear, makeup, condoms, cigarette boxes in your child’s car seat in hopes that wifey finds out. She will constantly call your cell phone – then, if she has a job, will use her employers phone to beg the men to be with her. Her own children go without speaking to her due to her open leg and alcohol policy. Melanie will text things like “I want you to choke me” and tell you how bad she wants mixed babies- she will beg you to move in with her- explaining that she will kick Josh out and pretend like he hit her so he can go back to jail for domestic violence.

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