Kim Merrill-Bowen — Local Junkie Strikes Again

Nik, this is a warning to every one who knows this woman, her name is Kim Merrill-Bowen. She’s a junkie, as you can see from the injection bruises on her neck and she has more all up her arms and legs. She steals from any one and every one, including every job she’s worked at. She was busted a while back for embezzling thousands of dollars from Shopko. Her drug dealer husband Kevin would buy video games, steal the discs and then return them to her at work for a full refund, until she got caught and thrown in jail. They are both bottom of the barrel scumbags, it’s so upsetting that they have kids that they neglect. I heard that the grandmother takes care of them because Kim and Kevin are constantly nodding out and spend all their money on drugs. I’ve only known them for the past 4 years and I’ve heard so many stories, people in our small town talk. I heard from *****, that last month he snapchatted Kim back and forth for a whole day and ended up getting a sloppy blowjob from Kim, in exchange for a small bag of weed, while her husband was at work. Rehab is probably not enough to help this woman, she needs Jesus and more.

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