Andrew (Andy) Carroll — Bunny Boiler Psycho

Caution! Beware of this sick and violent individual! Andy Carroll is a very jealous and spiteful man! He is mentally and physically abusive. Andy has been known to strike and push disabled women down the stairs. He is all into mind games and control. This mentally ill weasel tells lies to your friends about you, getting them to hate you. Andy is a stalker! This psycho is mean spirited and heartless. He even did time in jail for assaulting and brutally attacking another man. Andy Carroll is a dangerous lunatic! He is now remarried and could be torturing his new wife now, but she is probably too scared to say anything. If she has any intelligence and self worth at all, she will get away from him as quickly as possible! Andy is also into cyberstalking his woman and will go through their social media, checking out for any male friends she may have. He will also contact these male friends of whom he does not know, when he wants to inquire information about his woman or her whereabouts. Andy Carroll is a big bag of crazy! This psycho has anger management issues and is not all there mentally, so it’s best to avoid this individual. Do not let this batsh1t crazy psycho know anything about you! Block him. Avoid him. RUN!

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