Allied Health College Professor Is More Professional At Being An Evil Chronic Liar And Master Manipulator

Nik, there is so much to say about this catty old c*nt that I don’t even know where to begin. Unfortunately, I can’t mention every single sickening thing she has said or done, otherwise I would find myself typing about a hundred pages on here. So, I’ll keep it very general. Cynthia Scheuer is her name, but the pancake ass b*tch goes by the nickname “Cyndi.” She is a professor who is in charge of an allied health program at a college and has taught the students a lot of wrong outdated material over the years. She gossips nasty things about specific students and other staff members to other students right in front of the entire class. Although, she is a dusty old hag who happens to be married with grown children, she still acts like she is mentally in junior high flirting with the young cute men in class, while discriminating against the prettiest women in the class. But the worst of it all, she has falsified grades by lying about other people’s actions, completely bearing false witness against them, just so she could find a way to fail them (even if they were doing excellent in all the classes). Messing with the future of students for your own sick twisted game of pettiness is not a little matter. Seriously one of the most wicked c*nts I have ever met. I almost forgot to mention that she is also a physical therapist who has worked with various vulnerable population groups at the hospital, which is extremely scary that we the public put our trust on trash like this to take care of our ill/injured. Even her own coworkers don’t like her and many other students have complained about her, yet nothing has been done. But thankfully, what goes around always comes around. Nik, please put this filthy hoe on blast. Everyone deserves to know who she truly is.

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