Ari Yankton Rivas — Low Life Wife / Mother

Let me tell you about this female shes first of all FATT second of all DISGUSTING , she has kids tht she dont take care of has a husband thts a cry baby B1TCH and gives her $8,000 a month and the femaleives in government housing gets food stamps tanif all tht sh1t and dont need it for nothing .. She sells her food stamps to buy alcohol to drink … She has a birth Mark on her face that looks like a bruse she called the cops on ber husband and told the cops that it was a black eye and bruse from her husband beating her when Sherman well k led he NEVER put his hands on her … Shes from a ratchette a55 town called pine ridge south Dakota grew up in a tin can broke nothing and now she thi ks because she found a stuoid mexican with money shes the sh1t… CUT THE GAMES HOE UR STILL A BROKE A55 B1TCH THTAST LIVES OFF OTHER PEOPLES MONEY… GET A FUKING JOB AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR OW. KIDS…. She posts her nasty fatt a55 on chatterbate to make money and the b1tch never dose… Sjes just all around DISGUSTING A55 CREATURE…

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Craig Draude very abusive and gaslighting