Mike Voegtle — The Sociopath Brown Noser Wannabe Entrepreneur,

This moron is an architect and partner at 5G Studio Collaborative. He claims he is this entrepreneur and acts like he is the CEO of a big company when in reality he only has abut 5 employees. He is a liar dishonest idiot. He doesn’t care about his employees and all he cares about is pleasing his sh1tty cheap clients, which they share that in common. Don’t really like to get political but in this case I feel is necessary. He is your typical white racist / conservative, ignorant idiot that makes racist, sexist, and misogynist jokes at meetings and professional scenarios. He claims he is catholic but we only know he does this to hide his true self. He has a typical house wife that brags how he has lots of clients and all that stuff. But the truth is he has the sh1tiest and cheapest clients on the Movie Theater business. Like Star Cinema, Cinergy, Premiere and just about those shitty movie chains. Thing is he lives off of his business partner Rick Walker which has Cinemark as a client. Now Cinemark is the kind of client you want because they are known worlwide. So this idiot goes home bragging to his wife and 3 kids how he is this “Successful Architect/ Entrepreneur”, But in reality lives off of his business partner’s clients Cinemark which by the way do not like him. He then goes to Cinema conventions and literally begs Movie theater owners and developers for work, he is the biggest brown noser disgusting idiot. He treats his employees like shit and doesn’t care about them and only cares about the money they generate for him. He cheats on his wife when he says he goes to work trips, gets stupid drunk and loves to hit on young women. Beware of this guy, lives in Richardson and works downtown on the fifth floor Where Commissary coffee shop is. you can find him in his social media as mikevoegtle

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