Anthony Stephen — Narcissist With DRDs

Anthony Stephen — Narcissist With DRDs. Anthony Stephen portrays himself as a well dressed and put together gentleman… However the truth is he is the biggest violent narcissist you’ll ever encounter. I didn’t find out until I was involved that he also has DRDs. He is verbally and physically abusive… Starts off calling you names and says he’s joking but he slowly chips away at your self esteem until he feels he can control you… I was slapped once for joking around back with him and he said he was so sorry and took me on an “I’m sorry trip.” However, while on the trip he pushed me down and choked me and said “If I ever questioned him again, it would be the last!” I’m grateful to have tested negative for both DRDs however the emotional scars I’m still overcoming… I had to get a protection order and move to escape him.. Ladies do yourself a favor and save yourself from the nightmare that is Anthony Stephen…

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