Kelsey Erin Terrill

Kelsey Erin Terrill. She spent 3 months trying everyday to get my husband at the time (11/2018) to take her number. Then 10 months trying to sext him then 2 months trying to f**k him. He did meet up with her on 4 occasions he made it clear from day one he was married and she didn’t care she just thought hey he has money! From what I was told from a nurse at her obgyn yes I did some serious research her dad and boyfriend she has a seriously gross body like I almost feel sorry for her. Nasty b***h.
1. She is so loose that the walls of her v****a are sliding out of her and if she would have took her panties off my husband would have noticed because they hang out of the outer lips of her vag. Her boyfriend knew something was up because “she took regular panties to work where she would try to meet up with my husband. After asking why she wouldn’t wear a thong he explained that due to her v****a being so loose it can’t help hold her bladder in place causing her to leak pee 24/7 . She doesn’t believe you wipe as a female she thinks after you s**t you use one square insert a finger with said square wrapped on it to your a*s and that’s it that is how you wipe your a*s! Her boyfriend says her smell from the leaking pee has caused so ,any infections that she won’t fix that he can’t stomach to touch her until she has a shower. Which explains why she was over heard complaining that the one time she got him to screw her she acted like she was going to put a condom on him and instead shoved “regular “ panties to the side and shoved his d**k in he was leaned back looking up ward but just felt a weird wetness had no clue it was in til the smell hit him and he set up fourther and looked at her and shoved her off which didn’t matter the split second he went in the smell made him go soft.and that was her story! Her b***s are very small misshapen and one nipple is under the b**b the other almost in her arm pit. Which is why she refused to let him touch them or take her shirt or bra off. She is such a s**t mom she left her 5month old son in her car for over a hour in the late fall in Colorado because she was in my husbands truck at the gas stations she worked at trying to get him to kick me out so she could move in because her boyfriend beat her, yet she never had a single mark and he bought her a car? My husband found out the baby Eli was in her car no heater and was p****d and told her to leave then he walked to her car to see if the kid was even alive because she couldn’t care less and the whole back seat floor was full of s****y diapers and stank before you got 3feet to the car. He was like what are you doing nd she gets the kid out and tries to hand him to my husband saying go see daddy and my husband was like what the f**k at least that’s what her boss told Me. Then she would do FaceTime with him all summer and she would not even touch the baby he was born in June and she would not feed him until my husband was like I have been on and off of here for close to 6 hours why have you not fed him yet, or changed a single diaper she would say if he doesn’t want the kid then neither does she. So when her boyfriend found out everything that was going on he told me. A female I use that term loosely because she’s to gross to be on that list that at age 24 doesn’t think we females need to wipe when we pee and one square one wipe when we s**t! Her boyfriend can’t touch her unless she just gets out of the shower she let guys fist her a*s and there is a video of her getting 2dicks in her p***y at the same time while a guy fist her a*s she is laughing on the video! I can’t have s*x with out getting tore and this girl was loose around 2DICKS h**l my husband had no idea he was even in he had his head back thought she was putting a condom on until the smell hit him and he realized it was not lube he was feeling he is large in fact in high school his nickname was horse, really! But he could not feel walls or anything around his d**k just what felt like pee and to top it he shoved her off now how can he shove her off he is inside her the smell was so bad he went soft instantly!!!

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