Sara JC Cartinian — Sara Should Be Locked Up She Needs A Man That Bad

Sara JC Cartinian is a 42 year old stalker who can’t take denial and will sleep and try to fuk anyone to get a man to be with her. She works in mental health yet needs to be a patient. Even being friends with her she will try to go after you man no matter how many times or what he does to sh1t her down. She will stalk the woman your with and date and make up lies to them to ruin what you and him have. She’s a disgusting over weight slob that has done nothing with her life and chases men and will do anything. All the sea men she has inside of her spews out of her orifices. Men stay away and woman protect your man and stand by him cause she is a compulsive liar. She sleeps with literally anyone and will make up text and lies and edit things to make it look like your man is with her. She has had restraining orders on her before and police called on her and will harass your loved ones if she can’t have the man you have no matter how many times she is denied or is told no and never want anything. BE ware. This Old Brooklyn fat cvm rat.

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