Anthony Sokolowski — Beware Of This Seriously Defective Man In Cleveland Area

Anthony Sokolowski — Beware Of This Seriously Defective Man In Cleveland Area. Women everywhere beware. My friend is dating this loser. I’ve been suspicious of this a55hole, so I have done my research. He’s a horrible dishonest manwhore, Anthony is a divorced, broke, balding, lying, cheating, 47 year old man cub, that also has man boobs and stained teeth. Hey preys on woman who are too trusting. He tells them he loves them first. He’s been with his girlfriend for over a year and has hooked up with women the entire duration of their relationship. He tells women he doesn’t have a girlfriend, that he’s not attracted to her, or that he’s been casually seeing her for a month or so. His friends will lie for him. He’s lied to and cheated on every relationship he’s ever had, even his marriage. My friend is a dumba55 and lacks judgement in men. Strangers have contacted told her on more than one occasion that he’s a dog. He manipulates her to think everyone else is lying. He moved him and his kids into her house that she shares with her kids because he can’t keep a job and she needs to keep an eye on him. He still continues to talk and hook up with woman. He will encourage his girlfriend to look through his phone, after he has already deleted the information he knows she will look for. He will do what he can so he doesn’t have to leave her financial security. We’ve tried everything to convince her he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s to the point now that people laugh behind her back. Sam, if you read this, you should have stayed with Donnie. Anthony is bad news.

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