Andrew Jennings Deadbeat Cheater

Andrew Jennings Deadbeat Cheater.I just want to put this out there to warn other women about this POS. He treats women like absolute garbage, throwing them under the bus, gaslighting, manipulating, and cheating, and then acting like a total b*tch once they’ve had enough. He’s begged women to come back then threatens violence once he doesn’t get his way. He also has a habit of manipulating whoever his current victim is into contacting his ex girlfriends just for the sake of causing drama. Aside from being a terrible boyfriend, he’s unmotivated, rude, and thinks he’s in the Illuminati. I’m tired of seeing him ruin girl after girl…one of these days he’s gonna find one weak enough and ruin her entire life. Stay FAR away from this piece of work. You’ve been warned!

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