Misty Dyer — A Dumpster Trash

Misty Dyer A Dumpster Trash. What do you think of Misty Dyer being dumpster trash? Dis simp be running her mouth all over acting like she Beyonce. She be braggin on Twit how she be beatin up my girl. Well now its this beeches turn to get exposed for being white trailor trash. Actin all boss. Sheet man. Who wanna come at her? Even Covid stayn away from this one. She even got jail for stabbin someone. Then came out sluting around town. Her thighs are more spread than butter on toast. She think she a tough girl. All she is a midget with a mouth. And a girl that will lay down for anyone with a dollar. She got all kinds of dreeds. There isnt a deek she has not taken. Thats why she be so loose. Flappin in the wind kinda girl. Punk a55 beeech. Misty Dyer is trash man trash.

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