Patrick Trivedi — The Scums Skŭm

Patrick Trivedi — The Scums Skŭm. ARMY UNITE… This guy has to go! Patrick and alias Pratik Trivedi is the lowest form and we must protect others from his torment. You ready for this? I meet this guy Patrick Trivedi a year ago on a dating app… we connect, some interest, but I’m to cautious to not look into his story (history), gotta love facebook because the scumbags girlfriend tagged him in a picture. Now it’s getting fun, a little more digging and here he is again on another dating app “Same name, different age and profession”. All I can think is poor girl, I hope she knows. Fast forward, guess whose back at it with the same face and a different name… The alias Pratik. The the poor girl now has a wedding page and date. Can you imagine “she is planning the rest of her life, while he is planning a new girl on a new night”. Take a good look at the picture… If you know him shame him If you know her save her.

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