Well what can I say this class act is Chicago’s newest thot on the block. More than often you can find her at Bounce Chicago falling off tables or in your boyfriends/ husbands bed. She got fired from her bottle service job at MASQ Chicago for fuking one of the owners in a maintenance closet. She has a full face of plastic surgery that was used as a punching bag by a Chicago club promoter just this summer. I’ve seen her pop pills and do Pepsi just out in the open. She’ll fuk anything with a pulse you just have to give her a minimal amount of attention and she’ll even do it for free! She’s still known as one of Chicago’s top floozys for having more than 100 bodies at 21 her pssy is still pin tight which puts her at high demand for the underground floozy business she works full time at. She stole 10k from her client once he found out she began blackmailing him and was gloating about it at the club to girl she had thought we’re her friends. They claim they were only hanging around her because she was with Chicago Bulls players that night. She has had multiple orgys with her friends one of them even being a gay male. Her group of friends are carbon copies of one another and without a doubt the trashiest people you’ll ever meet. She blew though her entire trust fund in less than a year. How far do you really think your whore pussy and Botox face will take you? If you don’t believe me just ask her yourself she’ll proudly tell you.

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