Amin Osman — Racist Syrian Pygmy Amino Aka Amino810

Amin Osman — Racist Syrian Pygmy Amino Aka Amino810. Nik, this Amino loser lives in Illinois and trolls/stalks women online using the name “Amino810” he is a Syrian American that brags at “passing for white”. He doesn’t look white at all but he insists he is some Nordic creature. He is extremely dumb and racist which is interesting given the fact that he is Syrian and his people are displaced worldwide. He talks garbage about other people’s country and culture online if he’s been rejected. He sends harassing messages to women online and if they snap back, he will mock her ethnicity/race/culture. He is the reason why I dont blame Trump supporters for being anti immigrant. America insists on bringing entitled trash like this. While Syrian women are in Syria having to fight off ISIS, Syrian males like him are in America chasing women!!! He is a coward and a creep. He lurks on the internet sending creepy or demeaning rude messages to women and trash talking her if she drags him. This hairy donkey kong really thinks he is white too! He is pathetic . He is single at 37 yrs old but its not because he chooses to be, no woman wants his hideous pygmy self hating dumba55. Ladies, if you see this pygmy in Illinois or in Southern California (he likes to lurk there) you know whats up!!

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