Steve Watkinson Old Man Player

Steve Watkinson Old Man Player. He lives in Maple Ridge. Hes been with so many women I’ve lost track of how many notches he has on his belt. This man cheated on his first wife with his second wife. Then cheated on his second wife with multiple women throughout the years. He cheated on his girlfriend with some random chick of Zoosk. His favorite is restaurant girls or fast food girls. He loves getting his winky tickled. He thinks he’s the bomb. But he ain’t better then dog puke. He has dentures becauae he doesnt brush his teeth and now talks like an idiot. Hahahaha He has his own business in the renovation field and has ripped off multiple people including an older lady for $5000. Poor women it was her retirement. Hes absolutley disgusting. Had sex with so women he contracted Clamydia. Eeewwww… nasty. He lies like it’s a hobby. He lies about how wealthy he is and how the other women always did him wrong. Most of the women believe him because he is a sweet talker. If the sky is blue he will make you believe its green. He needs to calm the F down he ain’t no prize. He cant tell the truth if it hit him in the face. He thinks hes all innocent and the world is out to get him. He plays the victim so well that’s why he can get all those women to feel sorry for him. He is Maple Ridges top douchebag. Shame on him.

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