Nikki Farran And William Browning Friend Or Foe? Soulmate Or Checkmate?

Nikki Farran And William Browning Friend Or Foe? Soulmate Or Checkmate. Meet Nikki the Pig Farran And her newly acquired victim and accomplice William dead beat dad Browning. Nikki met will when he was dating Me, her friend of 10 yrs and former sponsee from an anonymous program from years before. Nikki likes to pretend to be your friend And confidant till you least expect it she then takes it upon herself to steal, lie, cheat and fuck her way right into your bed with your bf, regardless of who she has to trample to get it. She has been fighting the ministry on and off for her kids for the last 20 years popping out new babies when she can’t even keep the ones she has because she’s a classic drug addict who doesn’t give a fuk about anyone but herself. Claiming sobriety and clean time, hiding the fact that shes slamming speed On the weekends and snorting rails of pepsi while downing beers all while going to meetings and coaching her recovering addict friends on how to stay off drugs. Her loving accomplice and newest user William Browning has kids all over BC and Ontario, that he doesn’t see or pay for. Just knocks up women as he passes through town and then cheats on them and disappears into the night with a new whore when he feels you have nothing left to offer him. He uses women so badly that he gaslights them into thinking they have Mental break downs and gone nuts. They start to question their own sanity and question suicide just to make the Insanity stop. When really he’s the whole reason they ever ended up crazy as a sh1t house rat in the first place ñ. He cheats and lies and hides it all in his locked phone that he sleeps beside And showers with to ensure you won’t Get his phone and find all his secret side b1tches. He dated a girl for two years and never had her on his fb the entire time because he had a whole separate life in the next town with a family and kids she didn’t even know about. These two are a match made in heaven. They probably play out their codependent Relationship on each other so well they would never think to do a little investigating on each other. Watch out for Nikki the pig Farran and her flavour of the month William the gaslighter Browning in Vernon BC. They have no regard for anyone but Their selfish Selves!!

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