Mark Honn equals pathological liar, sociopath, thief and con man

Mark Honn equals pathological liar, sociopath, thief and con man. Mark’s criminal history started early when he was a teenage car thief. To this day, if the police department is at a protest, Mark wonders what he can get away with while the police are busy.
Mark tried to turn legit and thought he would try college. Didn’t take long for him to drop out. Mark met a wealthy girl and thought he hit the jackpot. The bad news was that Mark was an unemployed loser with nothing to offer. He decides to join the military. Mark was never in combat, just a male secretary. The wealthy fiancee found lots of better men while Mark was away. Mark returned to a fiancee who ‘screwed everyone else in town.’ Bye bye meal ticket.
Mark drowns his sorrows and gambles his way through life. Mark’s family tells him to straighten up. So he showed them. He found a girl who wanted to escape her parents and was young and naive enough to not see the warning signs. He proudly admits he never loved this woman. Mark says this woman was a virgin when they married. Everyone should be happy, but not Mark. He complains about his new wife’s lack of experience and that she leaves him unsatisfied.
So Mark does what Mark does. Mark does exactly what he wants.
After a childbirth, the wife had complications and was in serious condition. Instead of praying for good news, Mark sits in his wife’s hospital room holding his new daughter, looking at his wife hoping that she doesn’t make it. Even if you think it, shouldn’t you keep that to yourself?
Mark refers to his wife as Tubby or Roomy. Mark says she has let herself go. The irony is that this comes from a man barely 6 feet tall who weighs close to 300 pounds and has more health issues than most 70 year old men. You ask if maybe his wife will meet someone else. Mark’s answer is that no one else will want her and he is stuck with her. Poor Mark was upset that his wife didn’t worship him enough and she sat in a corner the whole night of his military retirement. He hates sleeping in the same bed with her, so he sleeps in a chair or on a small couch. He thinks he is a great dad. Except he spent weekends with two diferent women for most of two years – not much kid time.
If Mark gets called out on his behavior, he screams, yells, and gets violent. To break up the routine, he will pretend he isn’t feeling well so you won’t press him for answers. Mark will provoke you, stand back innocently and say you’re insane/crazy/bipolar. Mark brags about ripping screens off the sliding door and causing damage. Mark said he has woken up choking his wife. He lets her think he’s got PTSD; he hates her that much.
The drama is never ending. The house is going to get foreclosed, his wife gives all his money to her family, she locks the mail in the car so he doesn’t see it, and so on. She wastes $700 on lice remedies for children who don’t have lice, then chops all their hair off anyway.
He blames his wife for the pitiful financial situation. But it is Mark who supports huge drinking and gambling addictions. With no money to spare, how does someone change rims on their truck like most people change underwear? Does he think no one notices?
Mark will tell you that when his wife asks if he loves her, he has a trick for answering. Mark precedes any response with – you’re the mother of my children, of course I do. Mark is proud to show you texts he sends his wife telling her he isn’t attracted to her anymore. And this is a good man?
When the hero is behind the wheel, he’s intoxicated. He drinks in the morning. If you catch a ride with him one afternoon, he’s drunk. On the way home from work, drinking and driving all the way. Check the car door for the bottle of listerine. The cup holder has an empty water bottle he uses to pee in if he gets stuck in traffic. He drinks on the job and lets others too.
And the lies. If his mouth is moving, he is lying. At work he’ll say he knows how to do something. Truth is he only read about it, or watched a youtube video an hour before. Then there is the cheating. Mark has been fired for it more than once. He was having a ‘summer thing’ with someone in the office, someone he later described as the second biggest mistake of his life. Mark got caught and said he didn’t have the time or money to have an affair. Except thousands of archived messages show that he did have time for an affair, just no time for work. The boss who fired both Mark and his side piece had to clean out her desk. He was disgusted by dirty lingerie and high heels which he had to remove using plastic gloves. When Mark finally admits to the affair everyone knew he had (and lied about for 18 months), he has the nerve to say his buddies told him to do it. The man who fired Mark loved him like a brother and even offered Mark money to help his pathetic cause. In the end, his former boss came to the same conclusion everyone else does. Mark is not who he appears to be.
Even Mark’s sisters and parents get belittled and humiliated. According to Mark, one sister married the same ‘loser’ twice – a religious man who beat her up and who Mark had to rescue her from. The other sister takes care of his elderly parents – she is a jerk too because she acts like a martyr. Mark does nothing. One day, Mark told his parents he hoped the next time he saw them would be at their funerals. He even keeps track of how much money his in laws have. Not a good man. The lack of self awareness on Mark’s part is so stunning that he doesn’t realize, or seem to care, how his words and actions make him look.
You will never know what this man is thinking, he holds everyone in contempt and he is always the victim. You are only as important as his immediate need.

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