Kishore Musthyala Murderer Hyderabad

Kishore Kumar Musthyala living in Hyderabad is a MURDERER , owns Acto Pharma that illegally manufactures illegal drugs, narcotics.Kishore Musthyala has killed our uncle Raju looted thousands of crores from Investors in India and is trying to evade India with FAKE passports.
Kishore Kumar Musthyala is evading police arrest from India.His brother Vikram Vara Musthyala has evaded India, moved to US.An immigrant, on H1B visa.Murdered our uncle looted thousands of dollars & created fake visas, fake passports secured visa approvals & evaded India.Please deport Vikram Musthyala & his wife Navya Vollala back to India.His passport & identification is fake.He secured fake passports & moved to US.
Kishore Musthyala & Vikram Musthyala has committed heinous crimes back in India.They also own Acto Pharma in India which manufactures illegal drugs , smuggling illegal narcotics.Please deport Vikram Musthyala & Navya Vollala.Vikram Musthyala cheated & murdered our uncle in India.He is a notorious criminal.Vikram Musthyala has previously lived in Arkansas, FL etc
Kishore Musthyala owned Acto Pharma is a fraud company, looting 1000 of crores from Investors in India The company owner Ramesh Musthyala, Kishore Musthyala has defrauded investors absconded looting crores of money.The company is involved in high-level drug drug dealing and all the three sons, Vikram Musthyala , Kishore Musthyala and their father Ramesh Mustyala defrauding the entire country. Enforcement Directorate should step in, seize the company & shut down the company. The other investor Vikram Musthyala is a fraud , absconded country (India) living in United States US, illegally.Illegal immigrant, non-citizen of United States & should be deported back!!! ICE should step in & deport back this criminal!! Vikram Musthyala has faked all the certificates to get a fake visa and has landed in United States. He has obtained in all the fake degrees, fake visa and fake documents , a noncitizen off United States living in the country illegally on an expired visa committing all the fraud. Vikram Musthyala is a high-end criminal.Vikram Musthyala is not recommended to be hired by any of the corporate companies in the United States and this criminal should be deported back to India.Vikram Musthyala is currently on an H1B visa , evading police arrest in India for a heinous crime he committed in India and has been living in United States illegally on an H1B visa at the very moment.
Please do not HIRE Kishore Musthyala and Vikram Musthyala

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