Kara Eastman Omaha, NE is an Antifa spy

Kara Eastman associates with terrorists! She is running for elected office as a progressive liberal in a conservative district home to companies like Geico Insurance. This Antifa-Affiliated basket case supports terrorism. Her platform is based off of radical nonsensically positions like defaulting the US Debt, devaluing the US Dollar to nothing, feminism degrading the male ***, socializing medicine, and harassing Christians. She is dependent on disrupting the status quo making every day citizens lives miserable because of the so called mental illness of Christianity.
She ignores the first amendment’s religious protections of religious freedoms, and freedom to associate. She abhors the second amendment and misinterprets the third supporting terrorism. Her fourth amendment analysis ends at abortion freedom preying on babies. She has no concept of laws instead propelling her angry hostile behavior on our government by running for public office.

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